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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
2022Human T-cell leukaemia virus type 1 and Adult T-cell leukaemia/lymphoma in Queensland, Australia: a retrospective cross-sectional studyMartin, Fabiola; Gilks, Charles F; Gibb, Robert; Jenkins, Alana; Protani, Melinda; Francis, Fleur; Redmond, Andrew M; Neilsen, Graham; Mudge, David ; Wolley, Martin ; Binotto, Enzo ; Norton, Robert ; Nimmo, Graeme R ; Heney, Claire 
2022Happy anniversary IJMHNMcNamara, Paul
2022Connected consciousness after tracheal intubation in young adults: an international multicentre cohort studyLennertz, Richard; Pryor, Kane O; Raz, Aeyal; Parker, Maggie; Bonhomme, Vincent; Schuller, Peter; Schneider, Gerhard; Moore, Matt; Coburn, Mark; Root, James C; Emerson, Jacqueline M; Hohmann, Alexandra L; Azaria, Haya; Golomb, Neta; Defresne, Aline; Montupil, Javier; Pilge, Stefanie; Obert, David P; van Waart, Hanna; Seretny, Marta; Rossaint, Rolf; Kowark, Ana; Blair, Alexander; Krause, Bryan; Proekt, Alex; Kelz, Max; Sleigh, Jamie; Gaskell, Amy; Sanders, Robert D
2022Reducing Platelet Wastage in a Regional Australian Haematology Center: Impact of Phone Calls to Clinical Staff for Expiring Platelet StockPowley, Emily; Munas, Azhar; Russell, Sandra
2022Palifermin, administered for three doses only, reduces mucositis in patients undergoing HSCT and receiving chemoradiotherapy conditioningCoutsouvelis, John; Dooley, Michael; Kirkpatrick, Carl M; Avery, Sharon ; Hopkins, Ria; Spencer, Andrew
2022Perioperative medicine in Australia and New Zealand: A cross-sectional surveyFerguson, Marissa T; R Fernando, Jeremy; McManus, Sean; Richardson, Ian; Nicholson, Jonathan; A Story, David; Ismail, Hilmy; Riedel, Bernhard
2022Reduction in preterm birth rates during and after the COVID-19 lockdown in Queensland AustraliaJasper, Brittany; Stillerova, Tereza; Anstey, Christopher; Weaver, Edward 
2022A benchmarking scoping review of research output from hospital pharmacy departments in AustraliaPenm, J.; Narayan, S.; Alffenaar, J. W.; Johnson, J. L.; Mirkov, S.; Page, A. T.; Pont, L. G.; Patanwala, A. E.
2022Retreatment for hepatitis C virus direct acting antiviral therapy virological failure in primary and tertiary settings: the REACH-C cohortCarson, Joanne M; Hajarizadeh, Behzad; Hanson, Josh ; O'Beirne, James ; Iser, David; Read, Phillip; Balcomb, Anne; Davies, Jane; Doyle, Joseph S; Yee, Jasmine; Martinello, Marianne; Marks, Philippa; Matthews, Gail V; Dore, Gregory J
2021Impact of an integrated community-based model of care for older people with complex conditions on hospital emergency presentations and admissions: a step-wedged cluster randomized trialMann, Jennifer; Thompson, Fintan ; McDermott, Robyn; Esterman, A; Strivens, Edward 
2021A Novel Approach to the Symptomatic Management of Chronic MegacolonWard, Michelle J
2021The New Zoonotic Malaria: Plasmodium cynomolgiBykersma, Alexander
2021A double-edged sword - Metabolic complications of clozapine in a rural areaBridson, Tahnee; Abeysundera, Hesitha ; Arunachalam, Arulmathy ; Lam, Anthea; McDermott, Brett; Mora, Linda; McGorry, Patrick; O'Donoghue, Brian
2021A systematic review of disability, rehabilitation and lifestyle services in rural and remote Australia through the lens of the people-centred health careBohanna, India; Harriss, Linton ; McDonald, Malcolm; Cullen, Jennifer; Strivens, Edward ; Bird, Katrina; Blanco, Leisyle; Thompson, Fintan ; Wapau, Hylda; Wason, Alan; Barker, Ruth 
2021Evaluation of the Allied Health Rural Generalist Program 2017-2019Barker, Ruth ; Jennifer Chamberlain-Salaun; Helena Harrison; Robyn Nash; Ilsa Nielsen; Harvey, Desley ; Jenny Sim; Natalie Ciccone; Jennifer Carr; Katrina Bird; Claire Palermo; Sue Devine
2021Australian and New Zealand Guideline for Mild to Moderate Head Injuries in ChildrenBabl, Franz E; Tavender, Emma; Ballard, Dustin W; Borland, Meredith L; Oakley, Ed; Cotterell, Elizabeth; Halkidis, Lambros ; Goergen, Stacy; Davis, Gavin A; Perry, David; Anderson, Vicki; Barlow, Karen M; Barnett, Peter; Bennetts, Scott; Bhamjee, Roisin; Cole, Joanne; Craven, John; Haskell, Libby; Lawton, Ben ; Lithgow, Anna; Mullen, Glenda; O'Brien, Sharon; Paproth, Michelle; Wilson, Catherine L; Ring, Jenny; Wilson, Agnes; Leo, Grace Sy; Dalziel, Stuart R
2021Investigating potential transmission of antimicrobial resistance in an open-plan hospital ward: a cross-sectional metagenomic study of resistome dispersion in a lower middle-income settingAshokan, Anushia; Hanson, Josh ; Aung, Ne Myo; Kyi, Mar Mar; Taylor, Steven L; Choo, Jocelyn M; Flynn, Erin; Mobegi, Fredrick; Warner, Morgyn S; Wesselingh, Steve L; Boyd, Mark A; Rogers, Geraint B
2021Beyond multimorbidity: primary care and the older person with complex needsMann, Jennifer; Thompson, Fintan ; Quigley, Rachel ; McDermott, Robyn; Devine, Susan; Strivens, Edward 
2021Duality of roles and the provision of high-quality end-of-life care in the intensive careMartin, Dominique; Moodie, Stewart; O'Leary, Michael J; McGee, Andrew; Radford, Sam; Opdam, Helen; D'Costa, Rohit L; Carter, Angus; Cavazzoni, Elena; Chapman, Michael; Jones, Sarah L; Nunnink, Leo; Turner, Andrew J; van Haren, Frank M P
2021The Integral Role of Organisational Governance in Promoting Interprofessional Education in Rural SettingsMartin, Priya ; Monica Moran; Nicky Graham; Anne Hill
Site's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 168