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12022The aetiology and clinical characteristics of cryptococcal infections in Far North Queensland, tropical AustraliaSim, Beatrice Z; Conway, Luke; Smith, Laura K; Fairhead, Lee; Der, Yi Shan; Payne, Lara; Binotto, Enzo; Smith, Simon ; Hanson, Josh Article
22021The Applicability of Commonly Used Severity of Illness Scores to Tropical Infections in AustraliaSalaveria, Kris ; Smith, Simon ; Liu, Yu-Hsuan; Bagshaw, Richard; Ott, Markus; Stewart, Alexandra; Law, Matthew; Carter, Angus; Hanson, Josh Article
32022Case Report: First Successful Treatment of Acanthamoeba Brain Abscess with Combination Surgical Excision and Miltefosine-Led Antimicrobial TherapyChan, Anson; Smith, Simon ; Tan, Edwin; Kuruvath, SarinArticle
42021Cerebral gnathostomiasisSmith, Simon ; Wilson, Ian ; Lea Starck; Enzo Binotto; Jennifer Ho; Joshua HansonArticle
52020Clinical Features of Rickettsial Infection in Children in Tropical Australia-A Report of 15 CasesStewart, Alexandra G A; Smith, Simon ; Binotto, Enzo; Hanson, Josh Article
62022The epidemiology and outcomes of central nervous system infections in Far North Queensland, tropical Australia; 2000-2019Gora, Hannah; Smith, Simon ; Wilson, Ian ; Preston-Thomas, Annie; Ramsamy, Nicole; Hanson, Josh Article
72022Examination of the independent contribution of rheumatic heart disease and congestive cardiac failure to the development and outcome of melioidosis in Far North Queensland, tropical AustraliaDavies, Phoebe ; Smith, Simon ; Wilcox, Rob ; Stewart, James ; Davis, Tania ; McKenna, Kylie ; Hanson, Josh Article
82021Increased Incidence of Melioidosis in Far North Queensland, Queensland, Australia, 1998-2019Smith, Simon ; Horne, Peter; Hanson, Josh ; Fairhead, Lee; Stewart, James ; Gair, Richard; Rubenach, SallyArticle
92021Melioidosis of the central nervous system; A potentially lethal impersonatorOwen, William; Smith, Simon ; Kuruvath, Sarin; Anderson, David; Hanson, Josh Article
102022Melioidosis of the central nervous system; impact of the bimABm allele on patient presentation and outcomeGora, Hannah; Hasan, Tasnim; Smith, Simon ; Wilson, Ian ; Mayo, Mark; Woerle, Celeste; Webb, Jessica R; Currie, Bart J; Hanson, Josh ; Meumann, Ella MArticle
112022Melioidosis of the mediastinumOaten, A.; Smith, Simon ; Vincent, Stephen Article
122022Phylodynamic inference of bacterial outbreak parameters using nanopore sequencingSteinig, Eike; Duchêne, Sebastián; Aglua, Izzard; Greenhill, Andrew; Ford, Rebecca; Yoannes, Mition; Jaworski, Jan; Drekore, Jimmy; Urakoko, Bohu; Poka, Harry; Wurr, Clive; Ebos, Eri; Nangen, David; Manning, Laurens; Laman, Moses; Firth, Cadhla; Smith, Simon ; Pomat, William; Tong, Steven Y C; Coin, Lachlan; McBryde, Emma ; Horwood, PaulArticle
132021Prompt defervescence after initiation of treatment for rickettsial infections - time to dispense with the dogma?Stewart, Alexandra G A; Smith, Simon ; Hanson, Josh Article
142022Successful treatment of HIV-associated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy with pembrolizumabSim, Beatrice Z; Smith, Laura K; Yarwood, Trent; Smith, Simon Article

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