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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
2024Utility of rotational thromboelastometry in the management of massive haemorrhage at a regional Australian hospitalLiu, Yu-Hsuan; Sia, Jessica; Munas, Azhar; Tacon, Catherine ; Salaveria, Kris ; Lutshaba, Harrison Langa; Hanson, Josh 
2024Screening of Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes on Anti-Diabetic Agents for Probable Hypoglycaemia Using the Stanford Hypoglycemia Questionnaire (SHQ) in Outpatient Settings: A Cross-Sectional Study from Outpatient Diabetes Care Centres in North IndiaAwasthi, Rajiv; Pande, Arun K; Chandra, Kumar P; Agarwal, Vivek; Gupta, Mukulesh; Tewari, Ajoy; Gupta, Nitin; Chaubey, Santosh ; Chaudhary, Sandeep; Ansari, Sajid; Kumar, Dinesh
2024Predicting Tacrolimus Concentrations in the Skin of Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Feasibility StudySartain, Felicity ; Viecelli, Andrea K; Veitch, Margaret; Franklin, Michael E; Dymock, Brian W; Wells, James W; Campbell, Scott B
2024Low Posterior Internal Jugular Vein Approach for Tunnelled Haemodialysis Catheter Insertion: A Report on Outcomes at a Single CentreYaxley, Julian ; Gately, Ryan; Davidson-West, Shaun ; Wilkinson, Catherine ; Mantha, Murty 
2024Intrinsic ureteric obstruction secondary to endometriosis: a rare clinical entity causing obstructive uropathy and renal failureAnton Sagayanathan, Prasanth ; Goai, Xin Yi; Loganathan, Ajanthan; Pridgeon, Simon 
2024Incidence of acute and delayed rectal toxicities following hydrogel spacer insertion in men receiving dose-escalated radiotherapy for prostate cancerAnton Sagayanathan, Prasanth ; Loganathan, Ajanthan; Tharakan, Ninan; Kalapara, Arveen; Antoniou, Stefan ; McGhee, Luke ; Pridgeon, Simon 
2024Estimation of kidney function for medication dosing in adult patients with chronic kidney disease: a practice updateMirkov, Sanja ; Scuderi, Carla ; Lloyd, Jess; Coutsouvelis, John; O'Connor, Shaun; Potts, Simon; Newman, Suzanne; Roberts, Jason 
2024Doctor's Perceptions of the Systemic Influences on Advance Care Plan Application: A Thematic AnalysisCraig, Denise Patricia ; Ray, Robin A
2024Bone broth ingestion and acute kidney injury following kidney transplant: a role for cystatin CChandler, Shaun; Viswanathan, Shankar; Sartain, Felicity ; John, George Tharayil
2024Awake Total Neuromuscular Blockade as Experienced by Anesthesiologist VolunteersPeter J Schuller ; Voss, Logan J; Barry, John J
2024Spontaneous renal tumour regression following an aortic dissectionSchamschula, J; Young, S; Pridgeon, Simon 
2024Social Media and Youth Mental HealthWeigle, Paul E; Shafi, Reem M A 
2024A Rare Case of Partial Small Bowel Obstruction Secondary to Intestinal Myeloid SarcomaBarnard, Paige ; Mouline, Omar 
2024Overt gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to left inferior phrenic artery pseudoaneurysm postgastric bypass surgeryChen, Mei-Ting; Choy, Kay Tai ; Ong, Ferdinand
2024Health-related quality of life in people with different diabetes-related foot ulcer health states: A cross-sectional study of healed, non-infected, infected, hospitalised and amputated ulcer statesByrnes, Joshua; Ward, Lauren; Jensen, Sarah; Manjeet, Sagoo ; Charles, Danielle ; Mann, Rebecca; Nghiem, Son; Finch, Jennifer; Gavaghan, Belinda ; McBride, Liza-Jane; Lazzarini, Peter A
2024Conservative Versus Surgical Management of Acute Appendicitis: A Systematic ReviewChin, Xinlin; Mallika Arachchige, Sachini; Orbell-Smith, Jane L; Da Rocha, Daniela ; Gandhi, Anil
2023Practice of dialysis access interventional nephrology procedures in the Asia-Pacific region: Getting lay of the landJasuja, Sanjiv; Gallieni, Maurizio; Jha, Vivekanand; Vachharajani, Tushar; Bhalla, A K; Tan, Jackson; Tan, Cheih Suai; Basnet, Nabin Bahadur; Herath, Nalaka; Hai An, Ha Phan; Kim, Yong Soo; Kim, Yaeni; SampathKumar, Krishnaswamy; Sahay, Manisha; Ramachandran, Raja; Alexander, Suceena; Bhargava, Vinant; Balasubramaniam, J; Voss, David; Ogbac, Fredeick E; Gunawan, Atma; Goh, Bak Leong; Lin, Chih-Ching; Khan, Jamshaid; Shiham, Ibrahim; Ayub, Haroon; Hein, Min Aung; Iqbal, Sarwar; Srisawat, Nattachai; Gao, Bihu; Sajiv, Cherian; Wilkinson, Catherine ; Pichthida, Thim; Rana, D S; Sagar, Gaurav; Bahl, Anupam; Tawakley, Samir; Gaur, Mragank
2023Melioidosis of the Female Genitourinary TractBaker, Kelly; Smith, Simon ; Stewart, James ; Withey, Grant ; Bain, Madeleine; Pridgeon, Simon ; Hanson, Josh 
2023Feasibility and acceptability of the use of flash glucose monitoring encountered by Indigenous Australians with type 2 diabetes mellitus: initial experiences from a pilot studyEer, Audrey Sing Yi; Ho, Rebecca Chia Yee; Hearn, Tracey; Hachem, Mariam; Freund, Megan; Burchill, Luke James; Atkinson-Briggs, Sharon; Singh, Satpal; Eades, Sandra; O'Brien, Richard Charles; Furler, John Stuart; O'Neal, David Norman; Story, David Andrew; Zajac, Jeffrey David; Braat, Sabine; Brown, Alex; Clarke, Phillip; Sinha, Ashim Kumar ; McLean, Anna Gerardina ; Twigg, Stephen Morris; Ekinci, Elif Ilhan
2023Enhancing Patient Care With the "David and Wendy" Approach: The Effectiveness of Ward Round Documentation ProformasTaylor, Georgia M; Long, Brittany; Nguyen, John ; Brunott, Nathan 
Site's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 412