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12022Aging Well for Indigenous Peoples: A Scoping ReviewQuigley, Rachel ; Russell, Sarah G; Larkins, Sarah; Taylor, Sean; Sagigi, Betty; Strivens, Edward ; Redman-MacLaren, MichelleArticle
22022Approaches to the development of new mental well-being screening tools for Indigenous peoples: a systematic mixed studies review protocolMeldrum, Kathryn; Andersson, Ellaina; Wallace, Valda; Webb, Torres; Quigley, Rachel ; Strivens, Edward ; Russell, SarahArticle
32021Beyond multimorbidity: primary care and the older person with complex needsMann, Jennifer; Thompson, Fintan ; Quigley, Rachel ; McDermott, Robyn; Devine, Susan; Strivens, Edward Article
42021Community involvement to maximise research success in Torres Strait Islander populations: more than just ticking the boxesQuigley, Rachel ; Russell, Sarah G; Sagigi, Betty R; Miller, Gavin ; Strivens, Edward Article
52022Entering into a system of care: A qualitative study of carers of older community-dwelling AustraliansQuigley, Rachel ; Foster, Michele; Harvey, Desley ; Ehrlich, CarolynArticle
62022Factors associated with the increased risk of dementia found in the Torres StraitRussell, Sarah G; Quigley, Rachel ; Thompson, Fintan ; Sagigi, Betty; Miller, Gavin ; LoGiudice, Dina; Smith, Kate; Pachana, Nancy A; Strivens, Edward Article
72021OPEN ARCH integrated care model: experiences of older Australians and their carersQuigley, Rachel ; Russell, Sarah; Harvey, Desley ; Mann, JenniferArticle
82022Potentially preventable dementia in a First Nations population in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area of North Queensland, Australia: A cross sectional analysis using population attributable fractionsThompson, Fintan ; Sarah Russell; Quigley, Rachel ; Betty Sagigi; Sean Taylor; Malcolm McDonald; Campbell, Sandy ; Adrian Esterman; Harriss, Linton ; Miller, Gavin ; Strivens, Edward ; Robyn McDermottArticle
92021Prevalence of dementia in the Torres StraitRussell, Sarah G; Quigley, Rachel ; Thompson, Fintan ; Sagigi, Betty; LoGiudice, Dina; Smith, Kate; Pachana, Nancy; Miller, Gavin ; Strivens, Edward Article
102022Using Health Check Data to Understand Risks for Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Among Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal Peoples in Northern Queensland-A Data Linkage StudyThompson, Fintan ; Russell, Sarah; Harriss, Linton ; Esterman, Adrian; Taylor, Sean; Quigley, Rachel ; Strivens, Edward ; McDermott, RobynArticle
112021Validation of the Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment short form (KICA-screen) for telehealthRussell, Sarah; Quigley, Rachel ; Strivens, Edward ; Miller, Gavin ; Norrie, Joan; Craig, Denise ; Jordan, Jane; Muller, ReinholdArticle

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