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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
2019Multicentre, randomised trial to investigate early nasal high-flow therapy in paediatric acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial-a Paediatric Acute respiratory Intervention Study (PARIS 2)Franklin, Donna ; Schlapbach, Luregn J; Shellshear, Deborah; Babl, Franz E; Oakley, Ed; Borland, Meredith L; Hoeppner, Tobias; George, Shane ; Craig, Simon; Neutze, Jocelyn; Williams, Amanda; Acworth, Jason ; Schibler, Andreas
Apr-2020Viscoelastic haemostatic assays and fibrinogen in paediatric acute traumatic coagulopathy: A comprehensive reviewMaconachie, Sharon ; Jansen, Melanie; Cottle, Emma; Roy, John ; Ross, Bryony; Winearls, James ; George, Shane 
30-Apr-2021Resuscitation in Paediatric Sepsis Using Metabolic Resuscitation-A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (RESPOND PICU): Study Protocol and Analysis PlanSchlapbach, Luregn J; Gibbons, Kristen; Ridolfi, Roberta; Harley, Amanda ; Cree, Michele; Long, Debbie; Buckley, David; Erickson, Simon; Festa, Marino; George, Shane ; King, Megan ; Singh, Puneet; Raman, Sainath ; Bellomo, Rinaldo
31-May-2021Early Resuscitation in Paediatric Sepsis Using Inotropes - A Randomised Controlled Pilot Study in the Emergency Department (RESPOND ED): Study Protocol and Analysis PlanHarley, Amanda ; George, Shane ; King, Megan ; Phillips, Natalie ; Keijzers, Gerben ; Long, Debbie; Gibbons, Kristen; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Schlapbach, Luregn J.
13-Aug-2021The characteristics of SARS-CoV-2-positive children who presented to Australian hospitals during 2020: a PREDICT network studyIbrahim, Laila F; Tham, Doris; Chong, Vimuthi; Corden, Mark; Craig, Simon; Buntine, Paul; Jani, Shefali; Zhang, Michael; George, Shane ; Kochar, Amit; O'Brien, Sharon; Robins-Browne, Karen; Tosif, Shidan; Daley, Andrew; McNab, Sarah; Crawford, Nigel W; Wilson, Catherine; Babl, Franz E
17-Apr-2019Levetiracetam versus phenytoin for second-line treatment of convulsive status epilepticus in children (ConSEPT): an open-label, multicentre, randomised controlled trialDalziel, Stuart R; Borland, Meredith L; Furyk, Jeremy; Bonisch, Megan; Neutze, Jocelyn; Donath, Susan; Francis, Kate L; Sharpe, Cynthia; Harvey, A Simon; Davidson, Andrew; Craig, Simon; Phillips, Natalie ; George, Shane ; Rao, Arjun; Cheng, Nicholas; Zhang, Michael; Kochar, Amit; Brabyn, Christine; Oakley, Ed; Babl, Franz E
17-May-2018Bronchiolitis: Translating evidence into practiceGeorge, Shane 
Jun-2018Fluid bolus therapy in critically ill children: a survey of practice among paediatric intensive care doctors in Australia and New ZealandGelbart, Ben; Schlapbach, Luregn; Ganeshalingham, Anusha; Ganu, Subodh; Erickson, Simon; Oberender, Felix; Hoq, Monsurul; Williams, Gary; George, Shane ; Festa, Marino
22-Jun-2017A multicentre randomised controlled trial of levetiracetam versus phenytoin for convulsive status epilepticus in children (protocol): Convulsive Status Epilepticus Paediatric Trial (ConSEPT) - a PREDICT studyDalziel, Stuart R; Furyk, Jeremy; Bonisch, Megan; Oakley, Ed; Borland, Meredith; Neutze, Jocelyn; Donath, Susan; Sharpe, Cynthia; Harvey, Simon; Davidson, Andrew; Craig, Simon; Phillips, Natalie ; George, Shane ; Rao, Arjun; Cheng, Nicholas; Zhang, Michael; Sinn, Kam; Kochar, Amit; Brabyn, Christine; Babl, Franz E
Apr-2017Bell's Palsy in Children (BellPIC): protocol for a multicentre, placebo-controlled randomized trialBabl, Franz E; Mackay, Mark T; Borland, Meredith L; Herd, David W; Kochar, Amit; Hort, Jason; Rao, Arjun; Cheek, John A; Furyk, Jeremy; Barrow, Lisa; George, Shane ; Zhang, Michael; Gardiner, Kaya; Lee, Katherine J; Davidson, Andrew; Berkowitz, Robert; Sullivan, Frank; Porrello, Emily; Dalziel, Kim Marie; Anderson, Vicki; Oakley, Ed; Hopper, Sandy; Williams, Fiona; Wilson, Catherine; Williams, Amanda; Dalziel, Stuart R
Apr-2017Bell's palsy in children: Current treatment patterns in Australia and New Zealand. A PREDICT studyBabl, Franz E; Gardiner, Kaya K; Kochar, Amit; Wilson, Catherine L; George, Shane ; Zhang, Michael; Furyk, Jeremy; Thosar, Deepali; Cheek, John A; Krieser, David; Rao, Arjun S; Borland, Meredith L; Cheng, Nicholas; Phillips, Natalie T; Sinn, Kam K; Neutze, Jocelyn M; Dalziel, Stuart R
30-Sep-2021Parental and healthcare professional concern in the diagnosis of paediatric sepsis: a protocol for a prospective multicentre observational studySever, Zoe; Schlapbach, Luregn J; Jessup, Melanie; George, Shane ; Harley, Amanda 
Mar-2021Fibrinogen Early In Severe Trauma studY (FEISTY): results from an Australian multicentre randomised controlled pilot trialWinearls, James ; Wullschleger, Martin ; Wake, Elizabeth ; McQuilten, Zoe; Reade, Michael ; Hurn, Catherine; Ryan, Glenn ; Trout, Melita; Walsham, James ; Holley, Anthony; George, Shane ; Dyer, Wayne; McCullough, James ; Keijzers, Gerben ; Fraser, John ; Presneill, Jeffrey; Campbell, Don 
Feb-2021Factors predictive for computed tomography use and abnormality in paediatric head injuries in Australia and New ZealandWilson, Catherine L; Hearps, Stephen Jc; Tavender, Emma J; Phillips, Natalie T; Lawton, Ben ; Kinnear, Frances ; Beattie, Amie; Mitenko, Hugh; Young, Russell; Cole, Joanne; Kochar, Amit; George, Shane ; Teo, Stephen Ss; Georgeson, Thomas ; Michael, Adam ; Mukherjee, Ashes; King, Alex ; Gamage, Lalith; Archer, Peter; Cassidy, Corey ; Rao, Arjun; Thosar, Deepali; Borland, Meredith L; Babl, Franz E
14-Apr-2021Bedside Ultrasound Conducted in Kids with distal upper Limb fractures in the Emergency Department (BUCKLED): a protocol for an open-label non-inferiority diagnostic randomised controlled trialSnelling, Peter ; Keijzers, Gerben ; Byrnes, Joshua; Bade, David ; George, Shane ; Moore, Mark; Jones, Philip; Davison, Michelle; Roan, Rob; Ware, Robert S
24-Feb-2022Rotational thromboelastometry in children presenting to an Australian major trauma centre: A retrospective cohort studyGeorge, Shane ; Wake, Elizabeth ; Sweeny, Amy ; Campbell, John; Winearls, James 
17-Mar-2022Treatment patterns and frequency of key outcomes in acute severe asthma in children: a Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT) multicentre cohort studyCraig, Simon; Powell, Colin V E; Nixon, Gillian M; Oakley, Ed; Hort, Jason; Armstrong, David S; Ranganathan, Sarath; Kochar, Amit; Wilson, Catherine; George, Shane ; Phillips, Natalie ; Furyk, Jeremy; Lawton, Ben ; Borland, Meredith L; O'Brien, Sharon; Neutze, Jocelyn; Lithgow, Anna; Mitchell, Clare; Watkins, Nick; Brannigan, Domhnall; Wood, Joanna; Gray, Charmaine; Hearps, Stephen; Ramage, Emma; Williams, Amanda; Lew, Jamie; Jones, Leonie; Graudins, Andis; Dalziel, Stuart; Babl, Franz E
25-Apr-2022Status Epilepticus Australasian Registry for Children: A pilot prospective, observational, cohort study of paediatric status epilepticusFuryk, Jeremy S; George, Shane ; Phillips, Natalie ; Emeto, Theophilus I; Watt, Kerrianne; O'Brien, Sharon; Riney, Kate; Wilson, Catherine; Hearps, Stephen Jc; Borland, Meredith L; Dalziel, Stuart R; Babl, Franz E
4-May-2022Fibrinogen Early In Severe paediatric Trauma studY (FEISTY junior): protocol for a randomised controlled trialGeorge, Shane ; Wake, Elizabeth ; Jansen, Melanie; Roy, John ; Maconachie, Sharon ; Paasilahti, Anni ; Wiseman, Greg ; Gibbons, Kristen; Winearls, James 
21-Mar-2022Research monitoring practices in critical care research: a survey of current state and attitudesLe Marsney, Renate; Williams, Tara ; Johnson, Kerry ; George, Shane ; Gibbons, Kristen S
Site's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 183