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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2022Long peripheral catheters in children: A scoping reviewBurek, Alina G; Liljestrom, Tracey; Dundon, Melanie; Shaughnessy, Erin E; Suelzer, Elizabeth; Ullman, Amanda 
Nov-2023Assessment of distance-near control disparity in basic and divergence excess paediatric intermittent exotropiaAle Magar, J.B. ; Shah, Shaheen; Sleep, Michael ; Dai, Shuan 
2022An overview of the adaptive behaviour profile in young children with angelman syndrome: Insights from the global angelman syndrome registryRoche, Laura; Tones, Megan; Cross, Meagan; Bellgard, Mathew; Heussler, Helen 
2022Young peoples’ lived experiences of multidisciplinary mental health assessment in an intensive day programMcFerran, K. S.; Aitchison, K. A.
2022You can’t have one without the other: The case for integrated perinatal and infant mental health servicesPowrie, R.; Matacz, R.; Paul, C.; Priddis, L.; Sundram, S.; Newman, L.; Wright, T.; Raykar, V.; Lim, I.; Newman-Morris, V.; Hill, R.; Hoehn, E.; Kowalenko, N.
2017Year in review 2016: Interstitial lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease, pulmonary function, paediatric lung disease, cystic fibrosis and sleepJee, A. S.; Eves, N. D.; Wort, S. J.; Corte, T. J.; Piper, A.; Wainwright, Claire 
2016Year in review 2015: Interstitial lung disease, pulmonary vascular disease, pulmonary function, sleep and ventilation, cystic fibrosis and paediatric lung diseaseEves, N. D.; Wainwright, C. ; Piper, A.; Jo, H. E.; Corte, T. J.; Wort, S. J.
2017Xq26.3 duplication suspected as X-lag in a boy with motor delay and low muscle tone and no gigantism: The impact of high-resolution molecular cytogeneticsHijazi, H.; Lupski, J. R.; Cotterill, A. M.; Lodish, M. B.; Stratakis, C. A.; Brown, K. T.; Trivellin, G.; Sharwood, E.; Coman, D.; Yuan, B.; Carvalho, C. M. B.
2022WT1 complete gonadal dysgenesis with membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis: case series and literature reviewBurke, J.; Trnka, P.; Coman, D.; Anderson, E.; Aldridge, M.; Turner, R.; Harraway, J.; McManus, S.; Stewart, A.; Borzi, P.
2018Xq26.3 duplication in a boy with motor delay and low muscle tone refines the X-linked acrogigantism genetic locusStratakis, C. A.; Hijazi, H.; Carvalho, C. M. B.; Yuan, B.; Tatton-Brown, K.; Coman, D.; Lupski, J. R.; Cotterill, A. M.; Lodish, M. B.; Trivellin, G.; Sharwood, E.
2013Wrapping and swaddling infants: child health nurses' knowledge, attitudes and practiceYoung, Jeanine; Watson, Karen; Gorman, Barbara; Gore, Rosemary
2020World Sepsis Day: a global agenda to target a leading cause of morbidity and mortalityMalik, I.; Aljuaid, M. H.; Daniels, R.; Gorordo-Delsol, L. A.; Machado, F.; Nsutebu, E. F.; Reinhart, K.; Finfer, S.; Schlapbach, L. J.; Kissoon, N.; Alhawsawi, A.
2016Working perinatally to change intergenerational pathways: Approaches to early intervention and prevention are vital to clinicians and government policyKinley, S.; Williams, A. S.; Hoehn, E.; Chandra, P.; Luty, S.
2021Work-related musculoskeletal injuries among obstetricians and gynaecologists: A cross-sectional survey of Fellows of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG)Mahomed, K.; Kapoor, V.; Kapoor, S.
2022Women with type 1 diabetes exhibit a progressive increase in gut Saccharomyces cerevisiae in pregnancy associated with evidence of gut inflammationHarris, Mark ; Penno, Megan A. S.; Bediaga, Naiara G.; Naselli, Gaetano; Ngui, Katrina M.; Smith, Alannah D.; Huang, Dexing; Zozaya-Valdes, Enrique; Thomson, Rebecca L.; Brown, James D.; Vuillermin, Peter J.; Barry, Simon C.; Craig, Maria E.; Rawlinson, William D.; Davis, Elizabeth A.; Soldatos, Georgia; Colman, Peter G.; Bandala-Sanchez, Esther; Roth-Schulze, Alexandra J.; Oakey, Helena
2021Women and children first? Gender equity in paediatric medicineGoldstein, H.; Lawton, B.; Davis, T.; Hall, D.; Tagg, A.; Yoshida, R.; Leo, G. S. Y.
2021Widespread acneiform eruption in a young child secondary to histone deactylase inhibitorBlake, T.; Wheller, L.; Mazzoni, D.
2018Why not colonoscopy? An audit of lower gastrointestinal endoscopy in childrenMealing, S. L.; Ee, L. C.
2019Widening Evidence-Base of Risk with HyperoxiaRaman, S.; Peters, M. J.; Ray, S.
2018Whole-exome sequencing reanalysis at 12 months boosts diagnosis and is cost-effective when applied early in Mendelian disordersDinger, Marcel E.; Turner, Anne; Mowat, David; Worgan, Lisa; Freckmann, Mary-Louise; Lipke, Michelle; Sachdev, Rani; Miller, David; Field, Michael; Buckley, Michael F.; Roscioli, Tony; Cowley, Mark J.; Ewans, Lisa J.; Schofield, Deborah; Shrestha, Rupendra; Zhu, Ying; Gayevskiy, Velimir; Ying, Kevin; Walsh, Corrina; Lee, Eric; Kirk, Edwin P.; Colley, Alison; Ellaway, Carolyn
Site's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3282