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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
2023Resuscitation-associated endotheliopathy (RAsE): a conceptual framework based on a systematic review and meta-analysisBassi, Gianluigi Li; Maitland, Kathryn; Fraser, John F.; Suen, Jacky Y.; Obonyo, Nchafatso G.; Sela, Declan P.; Raman, Sainath ; Rachakonda, Reema; Schneider, Bailey; Hoe, Louise E. See; Fanning, Jonathon P.
2023REstrictive versus StandarD FlUid Management in Mechanically Ventilated ChildrEn Admitted to PICU: study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial (REDUCE-1)Raman, Sainath ; Rahiman, Sarfaraz; Kennedy, Melanie; Mattke, Adrian ; Venugopal, Prem ; McBride, Craig ; Tu, Quyen; Zapf, Florian; Kuhlwein, Eva; Woodgate, Jemma; Singh, Puneet; Schlapbach, Luregn J.; Gibbons, Kristen S.
2023Responding to the 'crowd' of voices and opinions in the paediatric clinical space: an ethics perspectiveDelany, Clare; Moore, Bryanna; Bhatia, Neera; Burn, Elise; Wimalasundera, Neil; Preisz, Anne
2023Reproducible Bioinformatics Analysis Workflows for Detecting IGH Gene Fusions in B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia PatientsThomson, Ashlee J.; Rehn, Jacqueline A.; Heatley, Susan L.; Eadie, Laura N.; Page, Elyse C.; Schutz, Caitlin; McClure, Barbara J.; Sutton, Rosemary; Dalla-Pozza, Luciano; Moore, Andrew S. ; Greenwood, Matthew; Kotecha, Rishi S.; Fong, Chun Y.; Yong, Agnes S. M.; Yeung, David T.; Breen, James; White, Deborah L.
2023Reducing treatment burden in the era of CFTR modulatorsRobinson, Paul D.; Douglas, Tonia A.; Wainwright, Claire E. 
2023Relationship between cortical and medullary thickness and glomerular filtration rate among living kidney donorsKuhnel, Lukas; Vu, Thomas; Wood, Simon T.; Francis, Ross S. ; Trnka, Peter ; Ellis, Robert J.
2023Redefining hypnosis: A narrative review of theories to move towards an integrative modelGeagea, D.; Ogez, D.; Kimble, R. ; Tyack, Z.
2023Recommendations for Standardizing MRI-based Evaluation of Perianal Fistulizing Disease Activity in Pediatric Crohn's Disease Clinical TrialsCrowley, Eileen; Ma, Christopher; Guizzetti, Leonard; Zou, Guangyong; Lewindon, Peter J.; Gee, Michael S.; Hyams, Jeffrey S.; Rosen, Michael J.; von Allmen, Daniel; de Buck van Overstraeten, Anthony; Shackelton, Lisa M.; Remillard, Julie; Schleicher, Lauren; Dillman, Jonathan R.; Rimola, Jordi; Taylor, Stuart A.; Fletcher, Joel G.; Church, Peter C.; Feagan, Brian G.; Griffiths, Anne M.; Jairath, Vipul; Greer, Mary-Louise C.
2023Recent advances in the treatment of gastrointestinal motility disorders in childrenNita, Andreia Florina; Chanpong, Atchariya; Nikaki, Kornilia; Rybak, Anna; Thapar, Nikhil; Borrelli, Osvaldo
2023Real world impact of 13vPCV in preventing invasive pneumococcal pneumonia in Australian children: A national studyHomaira, N.; Strachan, R.; Quinn, H.; Beggs, S.; Bhuiyan, M.; Bowen, A.; Fawcett, L. K.; Gilbert, G. L.; Lambert, S. B.; Macartney, K.; Marshall, H. S.; Martin Md, A. C.; McCallum, G.; McCullagh, A.; McDonald, T. ; Selvadurai, H.; McIntyre, P.; Oftadeh, S.; Ranganathan Ph, D. S.; Saunders, T.; Suresh, S. ; Wainwright, C. ; Wilson, A.; Wong, M.; Jaffe, A.; Snelling, T. 
2023Realising respiratory microbiomic meta-analyses: time for a standardised frameworkBroderick, David; Marsh, Robyn; Waite, David; Pillarisetti, Naveen; Chang, Anne B. ; Taylor, Michael W.
2023Rare SH2B3 coding variants identified in lupus patients impair B cell tolerance and predispose to autoimmunityZhang, Y.; Morris, R.; Lorenzo, A. M. D.; Meng, X.; Kershaw, N. J.; Kiridena, P.; Brown, G. J.; Burgio, G.; Cappello, J. Y.; Shen, Q.; Wang, H.; Turnbull, C. M.; Lea-Henry, T.; Stanley, M.; Yu, Z.; Ballard, F.; Chuah, A.; Lee, J. C.; Hatch, A. M.; Headley, A. P.; Trnka, P.; Mallon, D.; Fletcher, J. T.; Walters, G. D.; Šestan, M.; Jelušić, M.; Cook, M. C.; Athanasopoulos, V.; Fulcher, D. A.; Babon, J. J.; Vinuesa, C. G.; Ellyard, J. I.
2023Rating of physiotherapy student clinical performance in a paediatric setting: are assessors consistent in their rating of a simulated clinical student performance?Fulton, Tessa; Myatt, Kerry; Kirwan, Garry W.; Clark, Courtney R.; Dalton, Megan
2023Rapid nanopore metagenomic sequencing and predictive susceptibility testing of positive blood cultures from intensive care patients with sepsisHarris, P. N. A.; Bauer, M. J.; Lüftinger, L.; Beisken, S.; Forde, B. M.; Balch, R.; Cotta, M.; Schlapbach, L.; Raman, S. ; Shekar, K. ; Kruger, P.; Lipman, J.; Bialasiewicz, S.; Coin, L.; Roberts, J. A.; Paterson, D. L.; Irwin, A. D. 
2023Range of motion required for Auslan: a biomechanical analysisGraham, David J.; McCarron, Luke; Phillips, Teresa; Sivakumar, Brahman
2023Rapid molecular detection of CMY-2, and CTX-M group 1 and 9 variants via recombinase polymerase amplificationErtl, Nicole G.; Irwin, Adam D.; Macdonald, Joanne; Bauer, Michelle J.; Wang, Claire Y. T.; Harris, Patrick N. A.; Heney, Claire ; Zowawi, Hosam M.; Whiley, David M.
2023Questions directed to children with diverse communicative competencies in paediatric healthcare consultationsWatts, J.; Ekberg, S.; Bluebond-Langner, M.; Langner, R.; Fleming, S. ; Danby, S.; Ekberg, K.; Yates, P.; Bradford, N.; Delaney, A.; Herbert, A. 
2023Quantifying Typical Progression of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Longitudinal Three-Dimensional MRI Measures of Disk and Vertebral DeformitiesLabrom, Fraser R.; Izatt, Maree T. ; Askin, Geoffrey N.; Labrom, Robert D.; Claus, Andrew P.; Little, J. Paige
2023Quality of life and family functioning soon after paediatric brain tumour diagnosis: A cross-sectional observational studyYoung, Kate; Cashion, Christine; Ekberg, Stuart; Hassall, Timothy; Bradford, Natalie
2023Quality measurement and surveillance platforms in critically ill children: A scoping reviewSchults, Jessica A.; Rickard, Claire M.; Charles, Karina; Rahiman, Sarfaraz; Millar, Johnny; Baveas, Thimitra; Long, Debbie; Kleidon, Tricia M.; Macfarlane, Fiona; Mehta, Nilesh M.; Runnegar, Naomi ; Hall, Lisa
Site's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3830