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Title: Maternal vitamin D deficiency associated with neonatal hypocalcaemic convulsions
Authors: Isaza, F.
Camadoo, L.
Tibbott, R.
Issue Date: 2007
Source: 6 , 2007, p. 23
Pages: 23
Journal: Nutrition journal
Abstract: Maternal vitamin D insufficiency is not uncommon. Infants born to mothers who are deficient in vitamin D and or calcium, usually due to cultural modifications in their diets or clothing habits, and in addition are breastfed, are at risk of developing vitamin D deficiency and hypocalcaemia. We present a case of neonatal hypocalcaemic seizures secondary to vitamin D deficiency. Rickets in children resulting from vitamin D deficiency is well documented. It is also becoming clear that there is a positive correlation between maternal vitamin D status during pregnancy and lactation and the development of rickets both in infancy and childhood. The correlation between maternal vitamin D, neonatal vitamin D and hypocalcaemia is not well documented.
Type: Article
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