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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
12-Feb-2019Why is optimisation of antimicrobial use difficult at the end of life?Broom, Jennifer ; Broom, Alex; Good, Phillip; Lwin, Zarnie 
Apr-2019The impact of environmental enrichment in an acute stroke unit on how and when patients undertake activitiesRosbergen, Ingrid ; Grimley, Rohan ; Hayward, Kathryn S; Brauer, Sandra G
18-Jan-2019Hospital organizational context and delivery of evidence-based stroke care: a cross-sectional studyAndrew, Nadine E; Middleton, Sandy; Grimley, Rohan ; Anderson, Craig S; Donnan, Geoffrey A; Lannin, Natasha A.; Stroil-Salama, Enna; Grabsch, Brenda; Kilkenny, Monique F; Squires, Janet E; Cadilhac, Dominique A
2007A professional kitesurfer with multiple liver lesionsBuchholz, S.; Rudan, G.
2007Paediatric intussusception: Epidemiology and outcomeAcworth, J. P.; Perel, S. B.; Blanch, A. J. M.
2007Current management of acute coronary syndromes in Australia: observations from the acute coronary syndromes prospective auditAmerena, J.; Brieger, D.; Coverdale, S.; Astley, C.; Chew, D. P.; Rankin, J.
2007Maternal vitamin D deficiency associated with neonatal hypocalcaemic convulsionsIsaza, F.; Camadoo, L.; Tibbott, R.
2007Managing cardiovascular collapse in severe flecainide overdose without recourse to extracorporeal therapyGarrett, P.; Devin, R.; Anstey, Chris 
2007Laboratory investigation into optimal temperature for plaster of Paris applicationConroy, S. M.; Fraser, J.; Ward, D.
2007The impact of surgical ward nurses practising respiratory assessment on positive patient outcomesDuff, B.; Gardiner, G.; Barnes, M.
2007Outcome measures in psoriatic arthritisCauli, A.; Veale, D. J.; Rtchlin, C.; Lubrano, E.; Fitzgerald, O.; Healy, P.; Kavanaugh, A.; Taylor, W.; Strand, V.; Helliwell, P. S.; Nash, P.; Gladman, D. D.; Mease, P. J.; van der Heijde, D.; Krueger, G. G.
2007Consensus on a core set of domains for psoriatic arthritisCauli, A.; Choy, E.; Husni, E.; Espinoza, L.; Adebajo, A.; Qureshi, A.; Strand, V.; Helliwell, P. S.; Carneiro, S.; Braun, J.; Dijkmans, B.; Zochling, J.; Lubrano, E.; Fitzgerald, O.; Healy, P.; Taylor, W.; Gottlieb, A. B.; Soriano, E. R.; Nash, P.; Ritchlin, C. T.; Gladman, D. D.; McGonagle, D.; Mease, P. J.; Van Der Heijde, D.; Krueger, G. G.
2007New for old? Risperidone long-acting injection in older patientsHudson-Jessop, P.; Brinkley, N.; Hughes, B.
2007Factors affecting river health and its assessment over broad geographic ranges: The Western Australian experienceScanlon, M. D.; Cocking, J. S.; Smith, M. J.; Halse, S. A.; Kay, W. R.
2007Survivor: a nursing challenge from the Northern TerritoryHicks, K.
2007A 6-year follow-up of the effect of graft site on strength, stability, range of motion, function, and joint degeneration after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: Patellar tendon versus semitendinosus and gracilis tendon graftKeays, A. C.; Bullock, M. I.; Newcombe, P. A.; Keays, S. L.; Bullock-Saxton, J. E.
2007Exploring the culture of non-reporting in the perioperative environmentOsborne, S.; Marshall, J.
2007Costs and consequences of treatment for mild gestational diabetes mellitus - Evaluation from the ACHOIS randomised trialWillson, K. J.; Bruce, C.; Ratnapala, M.; Myszka, R.; Crowther, C.; Mowbray, J.; Hughes, C.; Matthews, G.; Phillips, P.; Cave, D.; Ludwig, D.; Mason, G.; Harris, K.; McLean, M.; McElduff, A.; Sheehan, C.; Sieben, J.; Rane, A.; Dunstone, S.; Fleming, S.; Chadwick, R.; Grunstein, H.; Keirse, M.; Hague, W.; Chipps, D.; Ebert, J.; Bryce, R.; Millar, H.; Purins, L.; Rutherford, C.; Tuffnell, D.; Torr, S.; Ferriman, E.; Fraser, R.; Morris, J.; Duggan, P.; Judd, S.; Rutter, S.; Stubss, T.; Pridmore, B.; Smith-Orr, V.; Lindberg, A.; Robinson, A.; Archer, C.; Price, N.; Tamlin, N.; Joubert, P.; Merker, H.; Hitchman, R.; Bridger, P.; Dederer, A.; Hocking, I.; Marney, B.; Kretschmer, N.; Moss, J. R.; Hendon, S.; Burton, G.; Hamwood, S.; Woodford, D.; Jeffries, W.; Dekker, G.; Chadha, Y.; Pearce, J.; Verco, C.; Gregora, M.; Hinton, R.; Homer, C.; Whitahall, J.; Crowther, C. A.; Armstrong, C.; Kelso, I.; Robinson, J. S.; Robinson, J.; Hayton, J.; Avery, J.; Cocks, C.; Kennedy-Andrews, S.; Pinn, G.; Deussen, A.; Sladek, M.; Lawrence, A.; Thomas, A.; de Swiet, M.; Alton, S.; Davis, G.; Burnet, R.; Bradford, J.; Wickremachandran, K.; Paynter, J.; Hiller, J. E.; Heazelwood, V.; Morton, M.; Vacca, A.; McPhee, A.; Lidelle-Johnson, C.; Gibson, D.; West, J.; Watson, D.; Mego, S.
2007Tracheal bronchus misdiagnosed as tuberculosisSaad, N.; Wigeson, M.; Stapleton, T.
2008Atypical case of Herpes simplex encephalitisDunn, A.; Auyeung, P.
Site's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 669