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Title: New for old? Risperidone long-acting injection in older patients
Authors: Hudson-Jessop, P.
Brinkley, N.
Hughes, B.
Issue Date: 2007
Source: Dec 15, (6), 2007, p. 461-464
Pages: 461-464
Journal: Australasian Psychiatry
Abstract: Objective: To describe six older patients who were treated with risperidane long-acting injection, and to discuss the role of this medication in a psychogeriatric setting. Method: Case series. Results: Of the six patients trialled on risperidone long-acting injection, two remain on this treatment. or the other four, three required a change or treatment due to a combination of adverse side-effects and non-response, and one due to adverse side-effects alone. Conclusions: Risperidone long-acting injection may have a role to play in the management of older patients with psychotic disorders but further research is required.
DOI: 10.1080/10398560701616262
Resources: ://000253901400003
Type: Article
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