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Title: Endometrial metastasis of primary malignant melanoma of the brain
Authors: Little, Jessica
Braniff, Kathleen
Issue Date: 30-May-2018
Publisher: British Medical Journal
Source: Little, J., & Braniff, K. (2018). Endometrial metastasis of primary malignant melanoma of the brain. BMJ Case Reports, 2018, 1–5.
Journal: BMJ case reports
Abstract: Endometrial metastatic malignant melanoma is a rare occurrence from any primary site. A literature search has revealed only 15 reported cases in existing literature, majority of which originated from a primary cutaneous lesion. This is a case of endometrial metastasis of primary malignant melanoma of the brain, the first reported case of its kind. The rarity of endometrial metastatic melanoma may incline clinicians to neglect the importance of malignant melanoma in a patient's history when they present with abnormal uterine bleeding. However, with increasing rates of primary malignant melanoma, it is likely that the incidence of metastasis to rare sites, such as the endometrium, is also likely to increase. For those women with metastatic disease confined to the uterus, total abdominal hysterectomy +/-bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy improved prognosis considerably. Newer BRAF molecular testing and targeted adjuvant therapy may also significantly improve prognosis in addition to surgical resection and should be considered.
DOI: 10.1136/bcr-2018-224435
Keywords: Endometrial metastatic malignant melanoma
Type: Article
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