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12022Conservative management of traumatic pneumothoraces: A retrospective cohort studyGerhardy, Benjamin ; Liebenberg, Paul; Simpson , Graham Article
22021Conservative versus invasive management of secondary spontaneous pneumothorax: a retrospective cohort studyGerhardy, Benjamin ; Simpson , Graham Article
3May-2020Dysfunctional breathing treated with continuous positive airway pressure in newly diagnosed obstructive sleep apnoea: a prospective cohort studyBarnett, Adrian ; Sriram, Krishna ; Hay , Karen ; Simpson , Graham Article
42022Surveillance for severe influenza and COVID-19 in patients admitted to sentinel Australian hospitals in 2020: the Influenza Complications Alert Network (FluCAN)Begum, Husna; Dwyer, Dominic E; Holmes, Mark; Irving, Louis; Simpson , Graham ; Senenayake, Sanjaya; Korman, Tony; Friedman, N Deborah; Cooley, Louise; Wark, Peter; Bowler, Simon; Kok, Jen; Upham, John; Fatovich, Daniel M; Waterer, Grant; Macartney, Kristine; Blyth, Christopher C; Crawford, Nigel; Buttery, Jim; Marshall, Helen S; Clark, Julia E; Francis, Joshua R; Kotsimbos, Tom; Kelly, Paul; Cheng, AllenArticle

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Graham Simpson
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Simpson , Graham
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