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1May-2017Acute stroke patients not meeting their nutrition requirements: Investigating the effect of an enriched environment on nutritionGrimley, Rohan ; Robertson, S. T.; Rosbergen, Ingrid ; Anstey, Chris Article
2Apr-2019The impact of environmental enrichment in an acute stroke unit on how and when patients undertake activitiesRosbergen, Ingrid ; Grimley, Rohan ; Hayward, Kathryn S; Brauer, Sandra GArticle
32016Timing of initial mobilisation after acute stroke-relation to 180 day outcomesCadigan, G.; Bew, P.; Grabsch, B.; Andrew, N.; Salama, E.; Walker, K.; Grimley, Rohan ; Rosbergen, Ingrid ; Dewey, H.; Bernhardt, J.; Kilkenny, M.; Cadilhac, D.; Anderson, C.; Middleton, S.Article

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Credit Name
Ingrid Rosbergen
Full Name
Rosbergen, Ingrid
Rosbergen, Ingrid C.M.
Rosbergen, Ingrid CM
Rosbergen, I.C.M
Rosbergen, ICM
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