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Publication YearTitleAuthor(s)
2018Review article: Sepsis in the emergency department - Part 3: TreatmentFraser, J. F. ; Shetty, A. ; Williams, J. M. ; Macdonald, S. P. ; Keijzers, G. 
2018Use of the malnutrition screening tool by non-dietitians to identify at-risk patients in a rehabilitation setting: A validation studyLin, M. ; Angus, R. ; Easlea, D. ; Wester, P. ; Bisset, L. ; Chen, B. 
2018Transient neonatal zinc deficiency in exclusively breastfed preterm infantsComan, D. ; Watson, L. ; Jardine, L. A. ; Moloney, S. ; Koorts, P. ; Bezieau, S. ; Cartwright, D. ; Kury, S. ; George, S. ; Pincus, D. ; Holt, J. 
2018Defining chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in cystic fibrosisGrimwood, K. ; Waters, V. 
2018Expression of GAEC1 mRNA and protein and its association with clinical and pathological parameters of patients with colorectal adenocarcinomaIslam, F. ; Lam, A. K. ; Mamoori, A. ; Wahab, R. ; Lee, K. T. ; Gopalan, V. ; Lu, C. T. 
2018Text mining and automation for processing of patient referralsVanstone, B. J. ; Todd, J. ; Richards, B. ; Gepp, A. 
2018Working in global health: A planning and implementation framework for international electivesMcLean, M. ; Thomas, E. T. ; Thomas, S. T. 
2018FLT3-ITD positive acute myeloid leukemia: A retrospective analysis of the role of allogeneic transplant and allelic ratio in patient managementEllis, M. ; Irving, I. ; Marlton, P. ; Clarey, J. ; Baveshi, K. ; Cochrane, T. ; Morris, K. ; Taylor, E. ; Kennedy, G. 
2018Speech-language pathologist interventions for communication in moderate-severe dementia: A systematic reviewWenke, R. ; Jackson, C. ; Till, T. ; Swan, K. ; Hopper, M. ; Conway, E. 
2018Abdominoplasty improves low back pain and urinary incontinenceGahankari, D. ; Sandercoe, G. D. ; Moncrieff, N. J. ; Merten, S. L. ; Ho, K. ; Sellars, G. D. ; Taylor, D. A. ; Magnusson, M. R. ; Ingram, S. B. 
2018From feedback loop transitions to biomarkers in the psycho-immune-neuroendocrine network: Detecting the critical transition from health to major depressionPratt, R. ; Stapelberg, N. J. C. ; Muthukkumarasamy, V. ; Shum, D. H. K. ; Headrick, J. P. ; Blumenstein, M. ; Brandis, S. ; Stantic, B. ; Neumann, D. L. 
2018See one, do one, teach one: Is it enough? NoSpeirs, C. ; Brazil, V. 
2018Shaping a valued learning journey: Student satisfaction with learning in undergraduate nursing programs, a grounded theory studyGrealish, L. ; Smith, M. R. ; Henderson, S. 
2018CoMET: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial of co-commencement of METformin as an adjunctive treatment to attenuate weight gain and metabolic syndrome in patients with schizophrenia newly commenced on clozapineSuetani, S. ; Kisely, S. ; Sardinha, S. ; McGrath, J. J. ; Moudgil, V. ; Patterson, S. ; Winckel, K. ; Lim, C. ; Stedman, T. ; Siskind, D. ; Flaws, D. ; Baker, A. ; Friend, N. ; Russell, A. 
2018Implementing an integrated pathway to care for the dying: Is your organisation ready?Grealish, L. ; Noble, C. ; Hiremagular, B. ; Sharpe, K. K. 
2018Early warning biomarkers in major depressive disorder: A strategic approach to a testing questionPratt, R. ; Stapelberg, N. J. C. 
2018Physiological self-regulation and mindfulness in children with a diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorderDawe, S. ; Wyllie, M. ; O'Callaghan, F. ; Harnett, P. ; Shelton, D. ; Reid, N. 
2018Imaging of the tibionavicular ligament, and its potential role in adult acquired flatfoot deformityOrmsby, N. ; Jackson, G. ; Platt, S. ; Evans, P. 
2018The behaviours of nurses that increase student accountability for learning in clinical practice: An integrative reviewGrealish, L. ; Henderson, A. ; Perry, C. 
2018Pregabalin versus placebo in targeting pro-nociceptive mechanisms to prevent chronic pain after whiplash injury in at-risk individuals - a feasibility study for a randomised controlled trialGibson, S. ; McLean, S. A. ; Farrell, S. F. ; Sterling, M. ; Schug, S. ; Mitchell, G. ; Keijzers, G. ; Nikles, J. ; Ware, R. ; Connelly, L. 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 55